4bt Reverse Fishtails

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A 4 beat reverse fishtail is just what I'm calling this. I haven't counted the 'beats' (circles). I suppose a normal fishtail has 1 beat, then you add some with the manipulations I'll describe.

First the easier inverted beat on the front half. This is accomplished by curving your arm around the fishtail, till it's in a negative space between your arm and you body.

Then you come out of that and on the back side of your body you pull the fishtail in toward your head and let it do a quick beat on your wrist while your arm is bent close to your shoulder.

Initially this will just be a propeller, but if you work at it, you can get it to just rotate vertically without much hand movement at all.



Streaming Flash Video:

Firekydd Tutorial on Youtube: 3 Beat Fishtail Tutorial