Back of the Hand Spin

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Horizontal trick, obviously crap since who can tell you're doing something hard? So you'll just have to use these tricks to make yourself feel good. They're Better than Chocolate!

First one: back of the hand spins - like palm spins, but on the back of your hand. I know I had to be awkward and learn the wrong thing, but I know it now and it is useful for other moves, and you can do little horizontal throws and catch it on the back of your hand - YAY!!!!! Oh right, so to do it, just do a one hand horizontal roll and instead of catching it, let it spin on top of your hand. Warning: you may have to make some kind of techno-dancing style hand wave.

Second: Just a random contact pilly wally. Have a look and see if you can take anything from it. (Right click, save target as... )

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