Basic Doubles Spinning 3

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Some basic isolations, unfortunately missing out some starting stages due to Windows Movie Disaster. To Learn Isolations: Hold the staffs in the centre, and grip the wick of the staff held in the other hand. (Not while it's on fire.) Essentially making one big long staff with a half of overlap. Then do a canoeing motion with the staffs, trying to make large shoulder movements, and to straighten out each arm in turn and bring it tightly back into your body. Isolations are EXACTLY this movement, but without holding the wicks... :) Make sure to remember to straighten out your arms to get good planes. And watch the staffs where they overlap, if they are parallel there, they are parallel the rest of the way up...

You can also do 'full' isolations, where both staffs are in a big line, but there is visually no way to tell if the line is crooked, so you have to practise the overlapped version for ever, till you can 'feel' the isolation.

Many types of isolation are shown on this video, but they all come from practising the basic one, and learning to do them slowly, then fast.

There is also many hand positions (relative to each other) to explore. Some movements can only be done with certain hand positions.


Keeping your arms long and whirlings about. Butterfly, or parallel, always trying to keep good timing, and work on your footwork. I am unhappy in this video because I do not like wearing that red hoodie.

Anti-Spin + Manipulation.

Just some fun stuff. (Right click, save target as... )

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