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part 1 - simple / basic stuff.

Small roll involving the hands usually. Basic stuff that most everyone knows already probably.

part 1.2

still simple but using some other parts of the body and maybe slightly harder but not much harder.

part 2 - slightly longer rolls

medium / intermediate involving more of the arms and maybe other parts of the body too.

part 3 - more advanced again

like chest rolls and things of that length and technique.

part 4 - stupid / very advanced rolls

things that took a while to learn or require lots of previous skills to learn. Plus some things that are hard. And credits. And a diagram of a club.


fishtails and that's about it. Hard to teach fishtails with clubs if you haven't learnt it with something larger.

So I don't mean to step on anyones toes. Some of the tricks are hard to explain and I have never taught them to anyone, so I do not know any teaching methods for them. The names are just there to be names. They might be known by other names but I don't know those names. If I learnt a move from someone, I generally mention them.

Yeah there are a lot of moves on there... so they are only shown in slow motion once.

There are a lot of other moves left to learn / discover as well as combinations of moves and adding in more clubs. This is not a promo video for me, so I left them out. They're mostly fairly obvious thou so it's left up to you.

They're all encoded in wmv9 cos I like it best.

Sorry if the tips are sketchy at best, but they're free so er... be nice if you wanna complain.

Cut up versions here:

Tutorial Teaser:

Club America: