Continuous Pivot

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Well, this move is a lot like the pivot, but continuously, using a elbow to elbow wrap thing to bridge the gap in front of your body.

You'll notice I do it rather crappy here, that's due to being severely annoyed at my camera, and people walking past. Ah well. Anyway, try and get the back of your hand under the staff as it finishes the pivot, from there just do a standard elbow wrap thing, try and slow down the staff at this point, other wise it's going to bounce right off your back. Then as it's on your (right) hand (in my case) put the staff on your shoulder in the same way you might transfer a rat/mouse/gerbil to your shoulder. Turn a bit more, hope it looks good. Continue.

This move is fun because if you mess up other continuous neck based moves, you can go into it.

Strive for a full 360 pivot when practising. Perfect practise makes perfect.


(Right click, save target as... )

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