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This is one of the tutorials on my DVD. So it's a bit of a conflict for me to put a really good tutorial on this website and then there is no reason for my DVD to exist, savvy? So you'll find a collection of other people's tutorials, my old tutorials, move variations and move discussion, but a modern tutorial, that you probably won't find, sorry. I'm hoping to get them online soon, but until then, check below.

You can go check them out here: DVDs or go directly to the Staff Manipulation DVD Website:


Just imagine me talking in the video. It'll be fine.

Important points!

  • Don't let your elbow droop, keep it horizontal
  • it should be facing FORWARD, not to the side
  • do a couple of practise runs without moving your hand out
  • make sure the centre line is in the middle of the triangle created, like I indicate in the video
  • The transfer to the other hand is just a simple hand wrap
  • the second half is harder, try stepping forward to get your elbow under the staff
  • make sure your elbow is pointing forward again
  • and don't miss a beat by pulling your arm in early. That's wrong. WRONG I TELL YOU!

good luck!

After you've learn that, the video also illustrates a few variations. (Variations that aren't a pivot.)

  1. transferring the staff without a hand wrap, by keeping the hands together.
  2. transferring between elbows.
  3. doing a two handed 360 fishtail in the transfer slot of number 1.



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