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So I made these DVD's a long time ago, and you may notice I have a different name on them. That's pretty much the Elephant in the room right there. I was a girl when I made these, now I am a guy. If you don't know, now you know.

You can also buy them in person in several places: The juggling shop in Melbourne, Australia. Maybe both Oddballs shops? In Camden, London, and Brighton. (and online) Online on Home of Poi and I think Flowtoys in SF, America has some too.

Finally there is a website link under the paypal stuff on each DVD which leads to a lot more imformation about the DVD. The NTSC / PAL stuff is not so important now, as computers don't care, they will play anything.

STAFF Manipulation DVD

The best DVD on the market teaching you about staff manipulation, from single staff spinning, to contact staff and the basics of double staff. Made in 2008 but still good! This DVD will take you from a total beginner to an intermediate to advanced spinner. It has everything you need to learn and master staff spinning, contact, doubles, throws... staff manipulation.

Trailer - youtube trailer


Postage & Packaging:

Website Link: Staff Manipulation


The best DVD on the market teaching you about double staff manipulation, from spinning, through anti-spin and isolation, throws to contact double staff and on into the weirder and newer forms of double staff manipulation.

Trailer - youtube trailer



Website Link: Double Staff