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This is one of the tutorials on my DVD. So it's a bit of a conflict for me to put a really good tutorial on this website and then there is no reason for my DVD to exist, savvy? So you'll find a collection of other people's tutorials, my old tutorials, move variations and move discussion, but a modern tutorial, that you probably won't find, sorry. I'm hoping to get them online soon, but until then, check below.

You can go check them out here: DVDs or go directly to the Staff Manipulation DVD Website:


In this video, it's a short example of how to learn reverse fishtails. Firstly get your hands and put them in the position a christian would pray in and a japanese person would bow with and a b-boy would stretch their wrists with. Take one hand away and keep your other hand in the exact same position. This straight hand, but pulled back position is the one you want for reverse fishtails. (I'm teaching fishtails on the wrists cos they are easiest.) So your arm and hand should form an L shape. And you have to keep it like this through the entire fishtail.

Get a staff, put the centre point on your wrist, with the hand still in that position. Horizontally, use your hand to push the staff one way, then the other, so it locks against the back of your hand and your forearm. Then push it the other way and lock it again and so on. These are the locks you'll use to control the reverse fishtail, to speed it up, get it back in plane and generally salvage it.

Now in the video you'll see me just jump right into reverse fishtails by making the horizontal locks more vertical. You don't have to do this. You can use the contact weave to get a feel for it, or hold it with your other hand to get a feel for it, like I do in the video.

Watch the motion I do without the staff in the video. The trick to a reverse fishtail is the bounce. It's not quite a figure of eight motion I make with my arm. I make a figure of eight, but also carve a small hill out of the air, that my hand always goes over, never through. This is the bounce part.
Also try each side of the fishtail on it's own to get a feel for it, then link them up using the methods above.

Right that's pretty much all I can teach you without being there in person.

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