Grips for Contact Staffs

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Tape qualities:

Leather: Scratchy (painful) but very grippy. Hard to get. I use the suede side, the leather side might be alright too. Fire resistant.

Shammy Leather: (Sports grip) Looks exciting, might be fragile.

Hockey grip: Good, easy to get, long, but after it absorbs a lot of sweat/fuel/moisture, becomes less grippy. Not as fire resistant as leather.

Squash/Tennis/Racquet Grip: Shorter than hockey grip and of varying kinds. Thin over grips are long but designed for only a few uses before they become slippy. Fail.

Towel grip: a towel cut into strips. I think this will be more awesome than it sounds. Always grippy and probably hardwearing. Easy to get. Probably burns easily. (All the loose bits)

Bike Handlebar grip: Easy to get, very long. Moderately Grippy, and long lasting. Can be expensive.

Rubber housing insulation tape. P or E section: Sometimes easy to get. Fragile, but with more grip than hockey grip. Probably good for a cushiony undergrip. Expensive.

Carpet underlay / non slid matting. Weak rubber with silicon coating.: Okay to begin with, fragile and will shed. Not long lasting. Gets less grippy with more use. Can apparently be made grippy again with washing.

Pure Silicon Tubing (devilistick handstick style): Good, very grippy, but no geometric grippy ness. Can pull out hairs from your arms and such. Doesn't allow sliding very easily. Hard to get, hard to apply. Very very durable thou.

Fabric tape: Fail. Not grippy, occassionally painful.

Electrical Tape: SUPER FAIL.

Rubber Inner Tube from bikes: Grippyness changes over time. Application of water and heat to the rubber changes it's grippyness. Goes from slidy to so grippy it sticks to you. Free from bike shops so easy to get. No cushioning at all from inner tube. At the grippy end of the cycle it will mark you and your clothes with blackness. (Rubber coming off on you.)

Neoprene: Hardish to get. Comes in bulk usually. (An entire wetsuit) some has good durability, other stuff is more fragile and will shed. Very grippy. My favourate.

Heatshrink: Can be hard to get in a large fire proof diameter. Check online stores. No cushioning. Don't know about durability, only moderate grippyness thou. Better with foam underneath.


Bare metal: Almost okay on the bare skin. Super slidey. Not grippy at all. Very fire resistant thou.

Metal with ridges cut into it, barbell style: Pain I should think. Probably very grippy.

Spray on rubber: Needs multiple coats, not super grippy. Very hazardous to spray. Bad chemicals.

Spray on grip: Like tacky spray on glue. No cushioning. Very grippy. Probably will wear off quickly. Bad chemicals in this one too.

Double Sided Carpet Tape: Very grippy. Maybe with flour added to take away from of the grip it would be alright. No cushioning.

Surfboard wax: Works alright as a grip. Not super grippy, comes off on clothing and skin. Cheap, no cushioning and doesn't last well. Usually slightly yellow.

Magnets implanted in your body: Cushioning zero. Only grippy over the magnets. Takes many operations and the hope that the magnets don't go out of alignments. Requires an iron staff.

Where to get grips:

Sports Shops, Bike Shops, Boat Chandlers (Boat Supplies), DIY shops, Leather Crafting Shops, Charity Shops... etc etc.

Final thought: Smoothness vs Geometric Grip [Ridges] – which is better?