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This is better described as a vertical neck wrap, that instead of just catching it as it comes around your neck, you wrap it round your shoulder and catch it in that 'I've screwed up a neck wrap so I've got to attempt to scratch my armpit' fashion. I'm going to call it a monkey grab from now on.

This is a useful roll/wrap to me as I practise most tricks that require an off-centre grip from stationary, so when you're trying to do it - '4real' it's quite hard due to the extra twist you have to make. This trick you come out of in that off-centre grip, just right to go into a few dozen other tricks, two of which I illustrate in the video.

(Or indeed back into the same trick.)

This is the first alright trick, which is why it's a tutorial. Unfortunately, I've only just got this trick, and I learnt it too quickly to really know all it's details. But I know some, so here goes.

  • As with all neck wraps, getting the centre of the staff on the centre of the back of your neck it vital for that smoother than a smooth thing look.
  • To do this, you need to grip it and contact it with your neck right.
  • Going into the move vertical is a must, not doing this will make the move more off plane than it is, and a lot more variable.
  • When you see the stick coming toward your head, move your head OUT OF THE WAY, and twist your body away slightly.
  • When doing the monkey grab, try and dislocate your arm (an exaggeration) to get a grip as close to the centre as possible. (This move has a tendency to make you want to grab the staff on the wick.)
  • Keep your shoulder down, else the staff will pop up into the air and you'll have to snatch it. (Doesn't look good. I should know, I've video'd myself doing it.)
  • Anything else I find out I'll update this when I find it out.


Head2Shoulder ContactRoll.wmv.gif

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