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Layouts. A version of an elbow wrap with a sudden kinda fishtail extension thrown in.

In this video you will notice that I add an extra half fishtail back to the front side of my body. This not part of the layout, only the getting the staff to btb wall plane is the layout. This move is kinda hard to explain, apart from just saying: Do an elbow wrap, and when it's on your upper arm, straighten your arm out to the side. The staff should kinda half fishtail down to your hand. Where the layout ends and you can do various things afterwards. (I do a couple of things in the video.) You cold even go directly into full forwards fishtails.

This is a directly translated from baton twirling move, you can also see this on tomo's japanese site. (see the weblinks) It's named reyouts there, (if you translate the page)

I think the trick to this move is to really try and push the staff to roll down your arm, because naturally it wants to be up at your elbow, but to fishtail it you want it at your hand, so it's getting it to move down quickly and smoothly that is the problem. (Right click, save target as... )

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Well New thoughts on the layout:

The reverse layout I find easier than the forwards layout. To do a reverse layout you angel roll the staff up to your shoulder and then bend your arm in and catch it on the back of your hand. (alternatively you can do a btb elbow wrap to the shoulder I show that in the video too. )

Plus a baton twirler told me it was very necessary on the Forward layout to catch it at the end of the move with an upturned hand. So I do that now. Sometimes.


(Right click, save target as... )

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