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Contact Staff Makers:

My Etsy Shoppe


Gora - The Boss - Hungary

Gora is an awesome guy, the inventor of the Dragonstaff, and I mean, if that isn't enough for you what is? His english isn't so hot, but his staffs are. Used by awesome spinners all over the world. Linda of Magma Fire Theatre and even me! Shit the bed! ( As it were. ) Plus he has a beautiful family and lives in a yurt. And is Hungarian, whom I've decided are all awesome.


HomeofPoi - The Old School - New Zealand

Yeah they do good works. A big company now, with excellent customer service. Shipping is a bit long and a bit more expensive, cos it's NZ, but good quality none the less. Use ma discount code for 15% OFF. It's 'mcp' BOOM!


Feuershow - Germany

Firetoys - Brighton

Oddballs - London

Trick Concepts - California USA

Fire Mecca - USA

Ninja Pyrate - USA

Threeworlds - Australia

Salza - Spain

LED Staffs

Concentrate - Australia

The Best LED Staffs in my opinion. That I have used.


Flowtoys - USA


Oddballs also sell a new type of LED staff, I briefly played with them, but I still prefer Concentrates, which they also sell.

Individual Makers