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Oooo, saw this move on a video, had to learn it! It is quite cool by the looks of it. Haven't tried it on fire yet. Ought to be fun. I tell a lie in the title, it's not really a horizontal neck wrap, but it sure feels like one. It's more of an off-plane pivot on the back of your neck.

To explain: With an off-centre grip duff the stick under the opposite armpit, as if you were going to do a shoulder wrap. (And that's exactly what will happen if you bail.) But this time point the staff toward your body as it goes under your pit. What I mean is - plane break, but not much, just enough to push the staff slightly inward on your upper shoulder toward your neck.

This trick will be much easier if you can feel the staff on your neck before you start to turn. Which you do now. The staff should have rotated till its on your shoulder and pointing down, now do one step with the foot on the opposite to the armpit you chucked the staff under. (So your front is turning toward the staff.) By one step I mean one 180 degree step so you are facing the other direction, but your other foot has not changed position. Your head should be leaning forward and you'll feel the staff on the back of your neck. When the leading end is coming down to your shoulder, your turn should have stopped and with judicious use of your shoulder muscles you should be able to cajole the staff into falling over the back of your shoulder and into your waiting hand.

As with all turning tricks: The faster the stick is going: THE FASTER YOU TURN! As with all contact tricks: The beginning is ALL IMPORTANT. Nothing is more important! If you chuck the stick under your armpit too diagonally (as I do in the first one in the video) you're going to have to lean away. If you really get it too diagonally you won't even need to turn. If you do it too straight, the stick is going to be high on your neck, or worse, nut you on the head as you turn, unless you have impeccable timing. (Because you won't feel it on your neck.) I have neither impeccable timing nor spelling.

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