Shoulder Wrap

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This is one of the tutorials on my DVD. So it's a bit of a conflict for me to put a really good tutorial on this website and then there is no reason for my DVD to exist, savvy? So you'll find a collection of other people's tutorials, my old tutorials, move variations and move discussion, but a modern tutorial, that you probably won't find, sorry. I'm hoping to get them online soon, but until then, check below.

You can go check them out here: DVDs or go directly to the Staff Manipulation DVD Website:


Not so pointless trick, slightly crap. (But getting better.) Found the stick stuck in your armpit? Don't know how it got there, but determined to get it out? You can't find the A-Team? Then you've got the right trick. From the armpit position, without griping the staff (gripping the staff will stop this move in it's tracks I think.) push the staff over your shoulder with your forearm. Try to get your body out of the way. Then you've done it! (As long as you catch it.) Yay!

Now, with this you can do a weird kind of figure of eight. When doing the clockwise figure of eight and you take the staff into the crook of you arm to get an extra half turn before you take it behind you Well do that, take it behind you BUT THEN, when it's behind you kinda let go of it and it should tuck into your armpit with a little help from your arm. From there, obviously, it's in your armpit, you just go for it, letting it's momentum bring it round to the front and swish it out using the previous move (Right click, save target as... )

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