Sweep (or horizontal BTB Entry/Exit Throatside SNES)

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Anti-Turn Sweep - Contact Staff Tutorial - mcp.mp4.gif

This move is more it's own move. Horizontally spinning the spin outward, off-centre grip. The staff goes behind you and across you're back, there you lean away from it, (or toward the hand that's holding it) and let it go spinning up into the armpit, it wraps that shoulder a little, you straighten up and it wraps the throat to go on and wrap the other shoulder a little and falling off to be caught BTB.

http://tutorials.firestaff.net/tutorials/tutorial-videos/wmv/snes/sweep.wmv With extra transfer to back of the neck. (Right click, save target as... )

Streaming Flash Video:

Chazz Tutorial on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scH41xFPJ70