The Figure of Eight

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The Figure of Eight

Fig8 reverse.gif
Fig8 forwards.gif

french gif tutorial - Mouvement de bras

japanese video clip

homeofpoi gif tutorial

mcp firestaff tutorial

Chazz Forwards Tutorial

Chazz Reverse Tutorial

This is the "Figure of eight" (fo8 for short) it goes from one side of your body to the other, it's very important that you learn this both ways in both hands. Keep your grip quite light, and feel the momentum of the staff, rather than forcing it around.

These are the two BASIC's of spinning staff. After you have done these a bit, you can hop about in the rest of this tutorial if you like. Everything else is some form of passing figure of eights, or turning or doing one of the two behind the back, or in combination.

Or the Other way around!