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This is one of the tutorials on my DVD. So it's a bit of a conflict for me to put a really good tutorial on this website and then there is no reason for my DVD to exist, savvy? So you'll find a collection of other people's tutorials, my old tutorials, move variations and move discussion, but a modern tutorial, that you probably won't find, sorry. I'm hoping to get them online soon, but until then, check below.

You can go check them out here: DVDs or go directly to the Staff Manipulation DVD Website:


Soon young jedi, this move will gain it's own rhythm and you will be able to do it continuously and perfectly and fast and smoothly. And then you will finally feel HARDCORE.


On all neck wraps: on the exit side of a wrap, if it's still beside your neck and not further down your back, this is good.

Strive to get your arm rolls on the top of your arm.

Strive for the control that will let you let the staff wrap the front of your neck.

If you can do this move in the light but not the dark, it's because you're sighting the centre of the staff on it's way down your arm, and you can't do that in the dark (duh!) I do this to. I know of no cure but the perennial - practise more in the dark. (Or get a glowing staff - yay I can see it!)

This move is sooooooo cool

Kev tutorial / video recap: